We are dedicated to the welfare of our Big Island dogs!  We believe in spaying and neutering and spreading the word thru education and community outreach.  Help us spread the word about the perils of breeding, purchasing pets on Craigslist or in Pet Stores.  Lets make rescue the new MOVEMENT OF 2014-2015!   
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Some people have asked what our adoption contract is like. If you are a good, responsible pet owner, it's not hard at all...

Our Adoption contract verbage is as follows.  I want people to know what we expect when adopting....

1.  The dog you adopt will be adopted out as an indoor or outdoor dog.  We expect you to adhere to this or call us and let us know that the situation has changed.  

2.  Regular veterinary care.  The dog will get annual checkups and vaccinations and go to the vet should something come up that needs medical attention.  The dog, unless otherwise specified, came heartworm negative and will be kept on hearworm preventative.

3.  You were told where this dog came from, i.e. owner surrender, shelter, etc.

4.  If this dog is long haired, you agree that this dog shall be groomed regularly.

5.  This dog shall not be given, loaned, resold, or allowed to live with another person.  If you are not meeting this dogs needs, or feel that you cannot care for this dog, the dog HAS TO COME BACK TO ALOHA ILIO RESCUE FOR PLACEMENT.

6.  After 30 days the adoption fee is non-refundable.  By this point we have bought medicine, more dogs, or had vet bills.  

7.  Aloha Ili'o is not responsible for any damage/injury to person or property....(it's longer, but it covers us from liability).  

8.  All dogs adopted thru Aloha Ilio Rescue that came thru the Shelter is under the same rules as the shelter regarding owners having thirty days to reclaim their dog.   Certain rules apply.  Ask for information regarding this Hawaii law.  

This is the contract (shortened) that we have you sign when adoption happens.  We are just looking out for the happiness and health of your new pet.  Remember, a dog is not a toy for a child, a dog is a companion for the family.  

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