About Us

Welcome to Aloha Ilio Rescue.  I'm Daylynn Kyles.  I have been doing dog rescue for many years.  After a health scare in 2009 I wanted to do something that made me happy and I stepped up rescue a few notches.   My drive is to stop the over population and euthanasia of so many unwanted dogs on our Island even if it's a little bit at a time.  That's why I do, what I do with the help of many.   Please convince your friends and family that breeding is not necessary.  Buying dogs on the internet does not help our cause.  There are many, many dogs at the Humane Society that need loving homes.  Please consider rescue for your next companion.  These dogs featured have been temperament tested, when necessary...potty trained, health checked and ready for their new homes.  

There isn't any enormous fee, we adopt them from the shelter and the extra few dollars are for monthly heartworm and flea meds, adoptions are 99% of the time $100, never more.   Dogs come with shots, wormed, spayed/neutered (no exceptions), and microchipped.  We do home checks and there is a very simple adoption form to fill out.   If you feel that you can provide a home to one of the dogs on this website, please call me at 808-960-1704 or email me from the      Contact Us page on this site..  Lets make your life complete with finding you your new best friend!!  

I'd also like to say thank you to the foster homes who help us foster dogs until they can go to their forever homes.  Kerry, Donna, Kristi, Evelyn, Pagan, Karen and JoAnn...this couldn't happen without you all.  Jesica, thanks for helping at the events too and running the Facebook page!  We also have past adopters who come and help us, Aimee, Maxine, Candace, and their volunteering is invaluable.  Thanks for your dedication to helping these dogs.....  If you think you'd be a good foster home, call me, 960-1704, and we can make arrangements to visit and see what accomodations you could provide. 

Last but never least.......go to 
www.hihs.org for some great dogs!  Click on Animals by Location, pick the location you want to see dogs from and check it out.  Remember, if you see something in Kona or Waimea, you can have it brought to your location for a small fee and check the animal out!  The employees are very nice and accomodating.  Let me know if you need help...i can find out about the dog or cat for you.